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PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: How to survive and win a battle royale

So, more and more people are nowadays searching for tricks and tips to survive for long and get more kills. And it makes more sense when the game is going ever more tough and when players are evolving like crazy.

Before I let lose of my tips and tricks, I want to say one thing that is having your own unique style is way more important than following a set of established styles. They have theirs, its time you have yours as well.

1.. The most important one that even Pro players suggest –

Don’t go for kill, go for survive. Wins matter more than kills. Imagine you got 10 kills but ended up finishing in top 30 or 40. Isn’t good.

pubg mobile tips & tricks

2. Avoid crowded places –

You think best loot is available at the Boot camp or School or Pochinki or Ruins or Hospital or Pradise Resort or Hacienda del Patrón or Pecado Casino or Gym or Prison or Campo Militar (Well you get my point). But with great loot comes high risk and particularly if you’re new, its not good for you. Instead go for places nearby the famous spots. You’ll loots there too and good thing? Well, you can just kill people coming out of those famous spots an loot from them. Its a win win.

pubg mobile tips & tricks

3. Never engage in an ongoing battle –

Its a thumb rule, enemy of my enemy is my friend until the common enemy is dead, then you’re the enemy. Its better you let the heat die down a little and then march, see if you can kill. Even if you managed to get only a couple of kills, you’re still going to finish in top 10 every single time. Who knows, you might end up getting a chicken dinner.

pubg mobile tips & tricks

4. Flare and drop is bait –

Trust me, you see someone nearby firing a flare gun for the drop, don’t go. Usually, players camp around the drop to get kill or lure other players to slaughter. And you can pretty much find level 3 backpacks, helmet and armor anywhere. Limited guns are different case but honestly, these don’t decide the fate of the match. Sometimes, you’re good without it.

pubg mobile tips & tricks

5. Never run straight –

Rickon Stark did the same thing and you know what happened to him at the battle of the bastards. Running straight in any direction is an easy target. Instead do zigzag, jump or crouch then zigzag. You’ll avoid hitting many bullets this way.

pubg mobile tips & tricks

6. Always take cover –

Someone taking shot at you from very long distance, run, duck and get into cover. Behind trees, boulders, rock, building, whatever you can find. Don’t think you can take shots if you have no idea of enemy’s whereabouts.

pubg mobile tips & tricks

7. Hiding in shacks around enemies is a bad idea –

This is one of the most common mistakes newbies make. Shacks have only one way out and you cant go outside from there. But you cant stay in because grenade or Molotov cocktails.

8. Keep both the guns reloaded –

Never ever forget to keep the weapons fully loaded. Sometimes switching gun is way faster than reloading. Imagine you’re mid way firing and run of bullets, now would you spend time reloading the weapon or simply switch bang and kill.

Crawl during the last acouple of moments or to take stable shots. Guns like QBU and MK14 are more stable while at prone as they have stands.

Play smartly, and never stand still while taking shot at someone. Always keep moving sideways.

Hope these tips work.

I recently joined PUBG (not even two days), so, I feel this list of tips and tricks should be good for mostly new comers. My friend suggested me to join this game and after playing initially I feel I am quite good at it. Here’s my recent career history just to give credibility to this answer.


pubg mobile tips & tricks

Anyway here’s a list of tips and tricks that helped me get familiar with this game and dominate the game right from the start-

1. I always land right at the start of the game-and head to the farthest corner of the map, with a bunch of buildings in sight. And always, always by the sea shore! The task is to get the most possible items while leaving leaving least possible openings. If you’re by the sea shore, that eliminates the possibility of anyone coming up that way.

2. Always have a vehicle with you (preferably a shielded one like a jeep). It serves four purposes. Two of them- allows quick escape and if caught up in a bad position, you can exit the vehicle and use it as a cover for a short while to kill your enemies. Remember, most of the players playing against you will be newbies as well. They are not trying to blowup your vehicle. If you see your vehicle smoking get out of there while keeping the enemies on the opposite side of the vehicle

3. Always stay right at the edge of the circle-

and that’s the third use of vehicle. I usually move with the blue circle coming up behind me. Once you are at the edge, scope out that no one is coming up from behind the circle. Next focus ahead. But now you know that no one is going to creep up to you from behind. Also, you would sometimes find guys on foot desperately running to reach the edge, just run them over.

4. Fourth use of vehicle

Remember in this game it’s imperative that you minimize your openings. I always position the vehicle at right angle to a rock or building if I need to get down. That way you only need to worry about two openings. If anyone tries to attack you from behind, they will need to get close to you and most of the time you will hear them coming.

5. I prefer to play in third person view-

That way you can see past the edges of a building or above a rock to see the position of other players while they are unaware of you. for example if you are behind a tree and there are players across the field in front of you, you can just move your mouse to track them without giving up your position.

6. Guns (very important)-

Like I said I am very new to the game and have absolutely no idea about which gun is good and which one not. Most players would find me sprinting across in my underwear holding a frying pan in my hand. I always try to find the gun with most ammo available at the time. I avoid shotguns. At the beginning of the game you are trying to get good at aiming. Shot guns have long reloads and take time between consecutive shots. As a newbie if someone crops up in front of you, it is better to empty 30 quick rounds at him and hope he dies. Shot gun takes practice.

7. Stay mobile-

If someone fires at you, don’t stop, turn and shoot. Ideally if there is a cover close by (like buildings, rocks or trees) head behind cover. If not, there are two possibilities. One- the enemy is too close to you, run in a lateral direction, then turn and fire. Most probably the enemy is firing at you while scoping. Scopes are slow to turn and it becomes difficult to keep track of fast moving targets. Use that to your advantage. Second- the enemy is somewhere far from you. In that case take a prone position, move a bit in the grass, locate him and fire. Proning reduces the target size and makes it difficult to land a decisive blow. Same thing also applies for targets close to you. If target suddenly jumps in front of from behind a building. Quickly crouch or prone and shoot back. Better than standing up and firing.

8. The ultimate goal is to survive. If you see two players engaging each other in front of you, wait till one of them is dead before firing. If you are outnumbered, get out. Don’t engage. Get away from that position.

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This guide is focussed on survival and not on killing. Following the above logic, I mostly end up top 10 even in my crappy old phone with huge lag and get decent kills. My server stats are below-

Europe server

Asia server

Happy Hunting!

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