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How to Make Money on Facebook & How to Create Facebook Ads

If you have a good number of fans then you can easily make money with Facebook page. There are so many ways where the money can be made through a Facebook page. It all depends upon your niche, contents and your communication with your fans. Before you think about making money from your Facebook page, you must make a good looking Facebook page and you must share good contents there so that you find it useful to become part of it. Below are some of the methods that you can use to make money from your Facebook page.

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1. Using Facebook as your traffic source:

facebook ads

It does not matter what niche you are in and what your website is all about. You can create a page according to your niche and start sharing your website articles on your Facebook page. People who are interested in your contents will visit to your website and you can make money by showing them Google Ads or Ads from any other Ads network your are connected with. This is the most simple method of making money by driving Facebook page traffic to your website.

2. Making Money Posting Offers & Ads:

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If you have a really good number of fans and you are getting good engagement from your fans, then you can find sellers from the same niche and help them get traffic to their websites by posting their offers on your Facebook page. You can charge from them for this service. It means, you can help them drive traffic through your Facebook page. For this purpose, you must have a good number of fans at your page, because if you have a good amount of fans only then the seller will get traffic from your page and you will have repeat orders.

3. Putting Surveys on your Facebook Page:

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There are a lot of companies who pay you for getting people complete their surveys. Your work should be to find those websites who belong to your niche, contact them and post their surveys on your Facebook page. Your fans will complete surveys and you will make money being a middleman. Yon can simply offer them some free stuff like ebook, software or script for completing free surveys. This is a really nice method of making money without doing too much engagement with your fans.

4. Making Money With Clickbank:

facebook ads

You can make money with Clickbank too by signing up on their website as an affiliate. You can promote products belonging to your niche. Clickbank is a marketplace where you can find those products who belong to your niche, get your affiliate link and promote those products on your fan page. You will get commission for each sale made through your affiliate link. The best way to make money off your Facebook page using Clickbank is, establishing yourself as an authority in that niche, review some products, offer free tips and then offer the paid product. When people start believing you, you can offer the paid product. But always remember, offering a poor product just for the sake of commission can destroy your image. So, the best way of making money is ‘offer value’ to your fans.

Facebook Video Monetization

Most of the creators on Facebook are unable to make money though they are producing the ultimate content by targeting the audience. By considering that Facebook has come up with monetization policy of “Audience Network” as to boost up the creators.

When the video ads have earned the revenue in that 55% is assigned to creators and 45% for Facebook.

Mobile is the main device to frame the advanced Facebook monetization strategies as the Facebook videos are obtaining more engagement through the mobile.

Through Audience Network:

Through audience network, the partners are allowed to monetize their video content by registering on it.

The optimization features of audience network in real time will help the publishers to monetize and push the most engaged video ad campaigns to the audience that exactly matches the preferences of the audiences.

When the campaign runs successfully will lead to pulling the more ad revenue along with the brand value.

How Does The Facebook Video Monetization Policy Work?

Introducing ads on Facebook live videos:

When the viewers are watching live video content on Facebook, the creators can go up to board the video ad campaigns at the real-time audiences by taking the small break during the live streaming. The Facebook ads will remain for 15 seconds and adds the revenue.

In-stream video ads:

facebook ads

With the involvement of in-stream Facebook ads in an audience, a network will allow the publisher to provide the most appropriate content that exactly reaching the expectations of both desktop and mobile users.

It can generate the unexpected impressions that turn to more revenue as discussed in the above phrases.

Ad through video on demand:

Facebook is making advanced strategies to introduce the ad breaks for the video on demand content. It is most advantageous to the publishers as the campaign reaches the exact audiences that everyone needs.


What are ad breaks?
Facebook Ads breaks are a way for you to earn money from your videos. Ads are placed at natural breaks in your content, or you can choose placements yourself.
Ad breaks in on-demand video
Ad breaks will be automatically added to new videos that you upload. Any Page admin can turn off or adjust the placement of ad breaks in individual videos within the video composer.
Ad breaks eligibility
To be eligible to use ad breaks in your videos, you must:
  • Pass Facebook’s Monetisation Eligibility Standards.
  • Publish from a Page (not profile) with at least 10,000 followers.
  • Be creating 3-minute videos that have generated more than 30,000 1-minute views in total over the past two months Learn more

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