Programming languages are the most important material or you can say that is is the heart of the software or web development. With the developing world the Programming languages are also evolving. New Programming languages keep coming up while others phased out with time. However, there are some languages that are not going anywhere. They are here to stay regardless of how long they have been in existence. So which programming language should you learn in 2019?

In this article I’m gonna share with u the Best Programming Languages of.

1. Java:


Java is a general-purpose computer-programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. Starting from your car’s screen, java is using everywhere. If you want a more technical language that will still give you powers to develop complex applications, consider studying Java in 2019. It is a versatile language that packed with lots of amazing features. There are lots of similarities between C# and Java only that the later seems to be more technical.

In fact java is also used to develop Android application, and you know the current market of Android smartphones.

2. Python:


Being at the highest of this list mustn’t return as a surprise. everyone seems to be entering into Python, therefore must you. If you have got not down this programing language, don’t worry, 2019 could be a excellent time to be told it.

It goes while not question that Python is among the best programming languages to be told and even deploy. It uses the conventional English and you’ll master its syntax with none drawback. maybe this explains why it’s stratified among the foremost fashionable programming languages.

Let ’s not even bring up the facility and flexibility of Python programing language. you’ll use it to develop a large vary of applications. there’s conjointly a giant demand for Python programmers within the job market.

3. C#:


C# is one amongst the best programming languages that has simply refused to travel. In fact, it’s continued to be higher and a lot of powerful as years glide by. You’ll able to use C# to make something. Whether or not you would like a web site, mobile app or a laptop computer code, C# won’t cross you. Applications that square measure supported C# may be run on any platform (Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac).

C# has conjointly evolved with time and it keeps matching with the trendy technological demands. Learning C# can assist you build a solid foundation for learning different programming languages.

4. JavaScript:


JavaScript can never fail to search out a spot in such a competitive list of Programming languages. it’s only 1 of these programming languages that can’t be simply avoided. If you’re craving to be a zealous developer, it’ll be inevitable to encounter JavaScript, in spite of what quantity you are trying to avoid it. you’ll rely on this language to create websites responsive and interactive. It is one amongst the best programming languages.

Apart from employed on the shopper aspect, JavaScript has a very important role to play on the server aspect. It full of capable frameworks that are needed in fashionable web development.

5. Kotlin:

best programming languages 2019

While Swift is for iOS, Kotlin is for Android. It is the new programming language for Android programming. You can use it to develop Android apps. Kotlin came to be an alternative to Java which was giving many programmers hard time especially when it comes top Android programming. It is easier to learn and use than Java.

Don’t be left behind in 2019. Learn the above programming languages diligently and your career as a programmer will definitely move to the next level.

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