Thousands of photo editors battle it out for your attention with the promise of enhancing a beautiful shot or turning a flawed photo into something shareworthy. Which deserves a spot on your phone?

Now, everyone can shoot a photo with just an Android smartphone, but you still need a photo editing app to polish the photos then upload them to Instagram to get many likes. What are the best photo editing apps for you? You just need a one-step fixing or more advanced effects? In this article, we are going to show you the 5 best photo editng apps for Android.

Best Android Photo Editor Apps
  • 763,008
  • 10,000,000
This app is compatible with your device 99.4%

Why PhotoDirector Photo Editor?

  1. Take pictures with filters, edit photos or create collages on the go — there are tools for all purposes
  2. You can add an effect to an entire image or only a section to create amazing combination effects
  3. Create “Cutouts” from images and use these to create new designs and memes easily

PhotoDirector offers scores of variations within individual filter effects, numerous collage combinations, stickers as free downloads, and modes like “Scene” which let you create fun sceneries. Buying the full version gets rid of irritating ads and allows use of some premium tools more than once a day.

  • 900,926
  • 50,000,000
  • Rated for 3+
This app is compatible with your device 100%

Why Snapseed?

  1. Give your images a professional touch with a large array of editing tools and precise controls
  2. Explore “Insights”, a stream of helpful tutorials, tips, and inspiration from talented photographers
  3. Adjust depth-of-field, perspective, and even canvas size for any image

Snapseed packs a serious punch in a simple design. Alter details like lighting, shapes, and hues for an image, or parts of it, with easy tugs on a graph using “Curves”. Edit — and undo — as much as you wish by entering a “Stack” (layers of edits) and removing or altering any of them.

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

  • 1,176,638
  • 50,000,000
  • Rated for 3+
This app is compatible with your device 99.1%

Why Pixlr?

  1. Creative users will love exploring Pixlr’s wide range of tools and effects
  2. Balance colours in one tap with “Auto-Fix”
  3. Play with overlays, filters, text, and effects like “Double Exposure,” which lets you layer and blend photos

Designed by AutoDesk, Pixlr offers tons of creative options — more effects, overlays, filters, and stickers than you’ll ever need. The biggest selling point, though, is its collage feature, which allows you to arrange up to 25 photos with a variety of layouts, backgrounds, and spacing.

Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker

  • 1,034,970
  • 10,000,000
This app is compatible with your device 99.1%

Why Adobe Photoshop Express?

  1. Best for professionals, with features like raw photo support and grain reduction for low-light photos
  2. Based on the tried-and-true Photoshop desktop software, but simplified for mobile
  3. Works with other Adobe apps — Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Lightroom — and integrates with the brand’s cloud service
Informed by decades of experience on desktop, Photoshop’s app has the core features you may know well, such as colour balance slide controls. Keep in mind that this is a simplified version of Photoshop — don’t expect the full set of features or creative control you get on desktop
Best Android Photo Editor Apps

Sweet Selfie - selfie cam, beauty cam, photo edit

  • 1,301,471
  • 10,000,000
This app is compatible with your device 99.1%

Why Sweet Selfie?

  1. Give your selfie a cosmetic surgery — from narrowing your nose to enlarging eyes and whitening teeth
  2. Numerous tools and effects are already bundled but you can always download more for free
  3. Unique collage options, landmark backgrounds, “Photobooth” and live stickers set Sweet Selfie apart

Sweet Selfie is all about getting the best ‘edited’ version of your image with a great range of easy-to-use editing tools. Peel off layers of edits to compare versions with just one touch. There “Slim”, “Reshape”, and “Freckle Remover” tools that are easy to master and deliver great results.

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